e-Projection CEO gave a lecture at USC’s Division of Healthcare and Biopharmaceutical Business

Being invited as a guest lecturer at the Division of Healthcare and Biopharmaceutical Business of  the University of Southern California, was an incredible honor. Stepping into the lecture hall, Tosh was filled with excitement to see the engagement of students increasing after COVID-19 pandemic!. The topic of his talk was “Japan Health System,” and he […]


Japan Business Development Landscape 2023

Summary The current business environment around the biotechnology industry is increasingly challenging for the biotech companies to ensure access to capital, while out-licensing deals with Japanese companies could present an important alternative source of non-dilutive cash. Here, we have summarized the latest trends of the business development in Japan, focusing on the buy-side activities by […]


Choose the best Interviewees for your in-depth research: Recruitment tips

In market research, we should clearly define the target, study populations from which we collect data and information. The same goes for in-depth interviewing. When choosing which interviewees will participate in a research,we need to think carefully about what we want their results to mean and how we will use them in order to maximize […]


How to Create an Effective Questionnair:
Preliminary research as a key attribute of good questionnaire development

To achieve sound results from your pharmaceutical market research and to generate a sales forecast you need to start from a solid base, which is primarily based on strategic survey design and methodology. Without expert input your questionnaire may contain questions that are difficult to understand, lead to biased answers and to nonsense outcomes. That’s […]


What is the value of including dyads in pharmaceutical market research?

Dyadic interviews, in which two participants are interviewed together, are becoming more popular in qualitative research, but are much less discussed in the methodological literature than individual and focus groups. For a couple of years, however, e-Projection have used dyadic interviews as a research method and learned the strengths and the potential pitfalls associated with […]


Focus Group with e-Projection: We ensure your satisfaction at every step towards generating insights

Focus Group is one of the critical components of market research. On the basis of our research experience in Japan, e-Projection believes that our focus group research can provide creative solutions to our clients, adopting a constructive approach to designing the discussion which addresses the core of an issue, and steering the discussion in the […]


Another Year, Another Chapter for e-Projection

January used to be one of the most exciting times for the biotech industry, kicking off another new year with new perspectives and goals, and meeting with our best friends in San Francisco during the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference. This didn’t happen for a while, because of the pandemic. This year, for the first time […]


e-Projection is going to BIOTECH SHOWCASE 2023!

e-Projection will be attending the BIOTECH SHOWCASE  2023! This is an extraordinary opportunity for us to discuss about your strategy to expand your business globally!! Biotech Showcase is back in person! For the upcoming Biotech Showcase 2023 will be delivered in San Francisco in-person January 9–11, 2023. We will be in San Francisco finally this […]


e-Projection provides a high quality KOL interview service

KOL interviews can be a great method to gain an expert insight in to, for example, an evolving therapeutic landscape, unmet needs or a new therapy class. However, in order to obtain rich insights, it would be necessarily that KOLs are recruited and conducted to a high standard. We are here to help you to […]


Come & join our team at Biopharma America

e-Projection is attending 2022 BioPharm America virtual! We will put you in touch with Japanese healthcare industry, and help you to enter the Japanese market. Discuss your business challenges with us to get the best possible & innovative solutions to optimize your strategies and drive business growth in the Japanese market. If your company has […]