Japan Opportunity Assessment

US-based biotech company developing phase II product in US/EU, trying to assess whether to expand development activities into Japan now or later. In planning for an IPO in a few months time, the company needed to ensure that investors understood the true global value of their product.

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Business Development Support

US biotech company developing phase III product for treatment of a cardiac disease in a hospital setting. Seeking to investigate the Japanese market for their product, find local partners with expertise in the therapeutic area.

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Evaluation of Clinical Value Over Competitors

Swiss-based pharmaceutical company seeking business opportunity to develop their product in Japan. Competitive products for the same disease already existed in the Japanese market. Client needed to assess the clinical value of their product and its potential to succeed in Japan, including any advantage over competitors.

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Validation of Clinical Development and Pricing Strategy

A German-based biotech in discussion with a Japanese company about the potential licensing of its product. The product targets the treatment of a disease with large unmet medical need currently receiving little treatment.
The product was finishing its Phase III program in Europe with plans to submit the application for approval to the authorities.

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Pricing Strategy for Device and Drug Combination

US-based biotech exploring how to obtain premium pricing for their medical device and drug, individually as well as their combination, for a treatment of eye diseases. Client also sought to gain an understanding of the various ways for reimbursement of this combination procedure.

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China Affairs

We understand the China market well. This market is growing significantly as the result of changes and improvements in the regulatory environment and better organization of intellectual property law.
A Chinese company seeking new technology looked to be introduced to the growing market of products from Japan
The client needed our services to overcome challenges associated with linguistic and cultural barriers.

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We help non-Japanese pharma/biotech companies
understand and expand into the Japanese market.