2023/01/20 update

Focus Group with e-Projection: We ensure your satisfaction at every step towards generating insights

Focus Group is one of the critical components of market research. On the basis of our research experience in Japan, e-Projection believes that our focus group research can provide creative solutions to our clients, adopting a constructive approach to designing the discussion which addresses the core of an issue, and steering the discussion in the right direction that aligns with research objectives.

Focus group is guided conversations between a moderator and a group of participants. The key difference between a focus group and a depth interview is that, in a depth interview, the conversation is between an interviewer, and, typically, only one respondent. This approach provides a better understanding of a dynamic of influence and interaction between products and patients/ physicians/ payors.

What differentiates e-Projection’s focus group from others;

  • Participant recruiting strategy
    • Who should be invited to a focus group? How many people should participate? How should participants be identified? What does it take to get people to attend? e-Projection knows the art of recruiting and delivers enough of the right people for a focus group. Using our industrial network, we are able to directly reach out to KOLs who are named experts in a disease state and have authored papers/disease guidelines and payors who have been involved in pricing negotiations in the Japanese pricing authorities.
  • Constructive approach to design the discussion
    • It is important to take time to carefully plan questions in order for our clients, particularly non-Japanese clients, to overcome language and cultural barriers . Poorly-worded, biased, or awkward questions can derail the focus group and spoil the quality of your data. We propose questions which align with the research objective and complement one another to probe further answers, managing cultural and language differences. 
  • Experienced moderators with industrial backgrounds
    • Our in-house moderators are familiar with trends in pharmaceutical products and  bring in-depth discussion. They also understand useful group dynamic techniques in the discussion among KOLs/ payors. This can maximize the positive benefits of interaction among participants. 
  • Generating insightful conclusion 
    • Our focus group results produce large amounts of insights. One of our advantages is the capability to analyze the qualitative data and provide an insightful conclusion in order for our clients to summarize and interpret important themes, noteworthy quotes, unexpected findings, and implications as generated from the focus group discussion. Our qualitative data analysis for focus groups assists in establishing meaning from the ideas arising from the focus groups and applying them in making a strategic decision.

Throughout the focus group, we ensure clients’ satisfaction at every step towards generating insights. We are committed to offering the best focus group for our clients to achieve their research purpose, goals, and objectives.

Feel free to drop us emails if you are interested in our focus group. info@e-projection.com

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