2022/09/09 update

e-Projection provides a high quality KOL interview service

KOL interviews can be a great method to gain an expert insight in to, for example, an evolving therapeutic landscape, unmet needs or a new therapy class. However, in order to obtain rich insights, it would be necessarily that KOLs are recruited and conducted to a high standard.

We are here to help you to avoid wasting precious time, money and resources on bad fits, poor matches and low-quality respondents – so that you can execute on pharma market research plan you can rely on to move your company forward.


We offer the best services to our clients to identify KOL and manage the whole process of primary research in the field of pharmaceuticals. We can use our network and are committed to finding the right person to answer your questions. The KOLs whom we are approaching are not just clinical experts, but respected medical experts highly regarded in their field, who, for example, played a key role in the establishment of the clinical guidelines, is a core member of the medical community if his expertise, or tier one researcher in the therapeutic area. We have carried out hundreds of primary research projects in multiple therapeutic areas.


Our strength is that we can understand science and well communicate the value and characteristics of your products. In-depth understanding of your situation and objectives enables tailored questionnaire, formats, and deliverable that maximize your insights and relate them to your business need. We ensure that you obtain the best quality evidence attributing your development strategy and decision making.


Feel free to drop us emails if you are interested in our service. Let’s talk how you can gain insightful evidence with us! info@e-projection.com