Evaluation of Clinical Value Over Competitors


Swiss-based pharmaceutical company seeking business opportunity to develop their product in Japan.
Competitive products for the same disease already existed in the Japanese market. Client needed to assess the clinical value of their product and its potential to succeed in Japan, including any advantage over competitors.


Compare profiles of products with the same indication. Evaluate the clinical value of the Client product to explore competitive advantages.

Project Summary

  • Reported the compared profiles of existing drugs available in the Japanese market.

    Target product profiles

    Clinical data comparison
  • Competitive review of the product in the Japanese market based on the evaluation of the Japanese authority (中医協).

Client Feedback

Given a clear landscape of the disease market in Japan, the client now understood that their product had enough clinical potential to be competitive in the Japanese market.

Based on comparisons from multiple perspectives such as pricing and clinical trial data, the client gained an understanding of the position of their product in the market.
The client now had an accurate picture of the potential for successfully developing their product in Japan.


8 weeks

Key Project Capabilities

  • Pricing and Market Access Consultation
  • Regulatory Consultation
  • Clinical Consultation


  • PowerPoint presentation
    Profile comparison
    Map of product benefits positioning
    Clinical data comparison

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