Business Development Support

We support clients seeking to partner with Japanese companies.

e-Projection’s deep engagement in the industry network space differentiates us from any other vendor of the kind.

We are widely recognized for our knowledge of the local market and support the negation process by quantifying the value of the asset in a convincing manner.

We also have a network in China and can support those clients who additionally want to partner with Chinese companies.

Target Screening & Identification

There are about 50 local pharmaceutical companies in Japan that have the capability to develop and commercialize a new prescription drug.

We are able to hand-pick potential partners based on their TA strategy in order to maximize the value of our client’s product.

Approach to Initiate Communication

e-Projection knows the right people to talk to in targeted companies and the right way to do so.

We overcome cultural/language differences and provide clients with a stress-free solution for starting the conversation.

Due Diligence

We manage the entire due diligence process including confidential disclosures as well as facilitate domain-expert and other needed consultations to ensure mutual comprehension.

We support the process with reference to local regulatory requirements and market conditions, even when the client is not physically present on the ground.

Term Sheet Negotiation

Different corporate cultures and decision-making processes can make negotiations long and nerve-wracking.
Our experts have experience in both multinational and domestic companies.

We closely monitor the process and facilitate the conversation in order to reach a deal as early as possible.

Alliance Management

Post-deal operation management is a key challenge for biotech companies while their resources are still limited.

We minimize task load for our clients by engaging with their local partner to ensure that the parties maintain a good relationship.

We help non-Japanese pharma/biotech companies
understand and expand into the Japanese market.