2021/10/07 update

e-Projection will deliver a lecture at Tokyo University of Science, Management of Technology

Tokyo University of science, Management of Technology is holding various seminars and Symposiums in order to promote the talent development in the field of management of technology. It is our honor to announce that our CEO, Tosh Nagate will deliver a lecture as a guest speaker there on “Sales forecast for pharmaceutical products and project valuation” .

Not only the students, but also some multinational pharmaceutical companies will participate in the seminar to hear the lecture given by Tosh. There is increasing interests in valuation, which is essential for the right decision making since the environment surrounding the pharmaceuticals industry has changed dramatically and become challenging. Hopefully, what we can do would support the whole pharma industry. Indeed, it is a great pleasure to have such a precious opportunity.

Open Seminar: ” Sales forecast for pharmaceutical products and project valuation”

Date and time: Thursday, October 14, 2021, 18:40 – 20:50

Speaker: Dr. Toshiaki Nagate / CEO of e-Projection K.K.