2022/01/25 update

Do you know why e-Projection is your most preferred partner in Japan?

Here you can find our company presentation given by CEO, Tosh Nagate! You would understand why we must be your most preferred partner in Japan.



It’s always a pleasure meeting with international clients that want to learn more about the significant benefits of approaching the Japanese market. Simply put, Japan appreciates innovation from all aspects in the industry. For example, the regulatory environment allows your product to get to the list price in less than 10 weeks on average.  Japan is still the third largest county market, although everybody often forget, and it remain in that position in the coming years.

Do you have questions about the Japanese market or your strategy to expand your business there?  We can meet virtually anytime! Drop email at hikari.matsuda@e-projection.com

Looking forward to meeting you and becoming an integral part of your team!