2018/05/25 update

Conference Report

14th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Medical Oncology
July 28, 2016
Crizotinib vs Alectinib
Miyako Satouchi
Department of Thoracic oncology, Hyogo Cancer Center


Came back to JSMO, this time in Kobe! Although most of the discussion is stemming from those fancy-looking immune checkpoint inhibitors, data from the so-called 2nd gen ALK inhibitors were equally eye-attractive. The J-ALEX trial was terminated early because of the overwhelming efficacy of alectinib against crizotinib. Expressing this level of difference in clinical outcomes between two same MoA drugs are quite impressive, and, my personal view, at least partially due to the fact that this is a small molecule drug. Probably difficult to outstand among the same MoA group when the drug is an antibody, but some may argue differently. Anyhow, a huge victory of Chugai’s med-chem above Pfizer. Congrats.